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Fan Design Engineering Division

Fan Engineering is the fan design engineering trading division of the Group. During the early seventies the Group made the decision to apply a section of its manufacturing facility to the specialised engineering and assembly of fans and blowers by incorporating tested fan componentry supplied to the Group by major overseas fan component manufacturers. Prior to this time, the fan manufacturer in Australia either had to purchase a costly license from a major overseas manufacturer or alternatively, they would have to invest heavily in the design, performance testing and documentation of their own range of fan componentry.

The decision was made to close the Group’s 1,800 square metre Manufacturing Facility at 9(A) Production Avenue, Ernest, on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

This fan manufacturing stage of the Groups development has enabled the Group to create an extensive library of information for the manufacture of fans and blowers and it has also provided the Group with comprehensive understanding of the quality control that is required to ensure a professional and quality outcome for producing fans

Fan and Fan Component Suppliers

Fan Engineering can design, or manufacture, or supply fans and fan components to suit the requirements of Air Handling Systems. Fan Engineering has had over forty years of experience designing and manufacturing fans and blowers. The Fan Engineering Manufacturing Facility was closed during 2001 and Fan Engineering now uses specialist sub contract manufacturers and suppliers to produce the Group’s range of fans and blowers.

Fan Engineering offers the following specialist services.

  • Fan and Blower Design

    The Fan Engineering design office can design and provide the documentation for the manufacture of propeller, axial and centrifugal impeller design fans and blowers and their components.

  • Fan and Blower Manufacture

    Fan Engineering specialises in the manufacture of purpose designed fans and blowers.
    The manufacture is carried out by specialist sub contract manufacturers.

  • Fan, Blower and Componentry Supply

    Fan Engineering also specialises in the supply of fans and blowers and the supply of fan and blower components. Fan Engineering is networked with specialist fan, blower, and specialist fan and blower component producers through out Australia.
    Refer to the Photograph Frame Window below for a brief overview of some of the fans and blowers and fan and blower components that we can produce.

  • On Site Repair and Balancing

    Fan Engineering offers an on site repair and balancing service.



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